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THE Chevron Wall

When you have an 800 square foot apartment with white carpet and white furniture, you need to add a little color and the empty wall in my bedroom became the victim to my first grand scale Pinterest project and a burst of "I am an independent woman and I can totally do this." While online it looks pretty straight forward, tape the walls and paint, I came up with my own list of suggestions that were NOT mentioned: 

1. Wine. It will be your best friend, but not too much or otherwise you have to re-tape the walls because your lines look like a 4 year-old did it. 

2. Use a laser level AND a tape measurer. Measure each section and line all the way up and down the wall, because I guarantee you, it won't be even the whole time and it is better to notice before you paint. Or before the person helping you (see #4) teases you for lines that are nowhere near straight.

3. Speaking of before you paint - I highly recommend tape one day and wait until the next day to paint. I ended up adjusting the tape again (see #1 for possible reason for messed up lines) before painting and its a good thing I did - No one wants to look at a tipsy wall!

4. Find some company. This project took over 10 hours between taping and painting and company helps make it a little more manageable.

5. Removing the tape. Don't wait until the paint is completely dry to remove the tape or it will chip away when you pull the tape off the wall. Once you have completed your second layer (or however many you have the patience for), wait 20 minutes (which is all it took for me since I was a ding dong and did this during the dead of summer when my apartment was 95 degrees) and remove the tape. 

6. Enjoy! :) This is a big project and when you're done - drink the rest of the wine & take pictures because I promise you, you'll be pretty excited about it! 


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