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New Year, New You • 2021

Does anyone else look back on 2020 and laugh? Like it is one of those years where it is almost comical how much has changed, put on hold, or cancelled?

Now I'm not one to believe that you need January 1st to start a "new you" or to change your life. Not to sound like a fortune cookie, but you get a new chance every day. If you are stuck in a rut or not happy with where you are in life - change it.

I share a lot of my life on Instagram. Partly to test ideas for my freelance clients, and partly because I love the conversations it starts. I hear from people all over the country and from so many different parts of my life. And the one thing people message me about the most (besides how crazy I am to get up so early to run every morning) is how organized I am. I've got lots to keep track of, so my planner is a little over the top.

And little fun fact ... the third most popular New Year's resolution each year: Get Organized.

With that being said, I wanted to share my FREE pdf weekly printable. All you have to do is download the PDF, print it out and fill it in for each week. I've even had some friends who have imported it in their iPads and made it a digital version!

I hope this helps keep you organized and on top of all the moving pieces in your life. If you use the planner, post it on your Instagram story and tag me in it - I would love to see how you make it your own!

Happy 2021, everyone!

FREE: Click below to download my free weekly printable. Use it to organize your week and keep yourself intentional and proactive.

Planner Template
Download PDF • 1.12MB

Tips to make the most of your planner:

• Prep on Sunday: Take a few minutes on Sunday to prep yourself for the upcoming week. Plan out your work, work-outs, to do items and even meals. And take time to to schedule some time for you!

• Color Code: I know. I'm a nerd. But make your planner cute! Use different colors for different tasks, projects, types of activity, etc. My planners typically look like a rainbow threw up on them, but hey! They keep me organized.

• Prioritize: Now this is one I am working on. You get 24 hours in a day, and only 7 days a week. You can do ANYTHING ... but at the same time you cannot do EVERYTHING. Be realistic with yourself and prioritize what you can.


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