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My running is about the same as a turtle running through peanut butter - slow and not pretty. But I love it. It has become my own therapy and is guaranteed to make my day ten times more productive and anxiety free. 


If you are looking for tips to qualify for the olympics, you have come to the wrong place. (However that is great you want to qualify - you got this!!) I’m a pretty standard runner who just likes to make to the finish line and enjoy an amazing burrito after. If that sounds like you ... welcome! 


Run Count: 

5K: 6

10K: 2 

Half Marathon: 8 

Full Marathon: 2


Check out my current running playlist:

So I really want to preface all of my fitness stuff with I AM NOT A TRAINER. Everything I do and share is based on my own experiences and trail and error. If you have any pre-existing issues or injuries, PLEASE talk to a doctor or an expert prior to trying anything new. 

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